Birth Parent Testimonials

ACF Rocks! We can’t begin to give enough praise to the ACF team! Each and every person we worked with were so warm, supportive, kind and loving. The day I set foot in their office it felt like home and I was meeting my long lost family for the second time! They are so thoughtful to ensure that what is BEST, is what happens for birth parent(s), baby and adoptive parents. They are open and truthful in discussions and do not try to offer you false hope, but instead offer you realistic hope. They held our hand from beginning to end and walked us through a very difficult time during the process. In the end we have our baby girl Laila and she has brought so much joy to our family and all those around us. We are so thankful that we crossed paths with everyone connected to ACF. Thank you for helping us to realize our family dream. We will shout through the rooftops that ACF is the way to go!

Laryssa & Alvin ?

?Adoption is Love ?

?Adoption is Love  ?

?#Adoptionrocks ?

?#Adoptionrocks ?