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Birth Parent Testimonials

 ?Adoption is a Loving Choice  ?

img_6027ACF Adoptions (Advocates for Children and Families) is an excellent adoption agency that offers a strong combination of expertise and personal service throughout the adoption process. My husband and I worked with ACF Adoptions to adopt a baby girl in April 2016. From the very first phone meeting, the staff was very supportive and clear about what we could expect regarding the paperwork process, fees, and waiting times. Any questions we had were answered quickly and thoroughly. We worked closely with Executive Director Rob Lamarche, who was wonderful. He provided a strong personal connection to the adoption process, which made it easier to manage and understand. Before working with ACF, we adopted a baby boy through American Adoptions. While we were satisfied with the process and outcome, their levels of personal service and attention were nowhere near that of ACF. Once we signed on with ACF Adoptions, I knew that I could contact Rob at any time to check our status, ask questions, and gain moral support during the waiting period. Many other staff people were involved as well, and provided excellent information and guidance during the post-placement and finalization stages. We could not be happier with ACF Adoptions, and are truly grateful to them for helping us adopt our little girl.


This is the best adoption agency ever. They cry with you, laugh with you, share sorrow with you and they also treat you like family! I give them a ten star.



Dear ACF,

I just wanted to say thanks for all of your help with everything. This was the hardest decision I have made in my life. Your kindness and understanding made the process much easier for me. I am still healing and mourning and appreciate you giving me the space I needed to do so. I truly appreciate your efforts. I will never forget any of you ladies.


Take care, Chandra,

My room is full of my baby girl’s pictures and I look at them and watch patiently how she is growing and how happy she is. I have a five-year-old daughter who understands that her sister lives far away. I know that my baby has the best of worlds, a mother and a father who will cherish her as their own. I was very blessed in the decision I made. Even though some don't understand why I made adoption my decision, most of my family supports it. I love my baby girl and I am very blessed that the parents send me pictures and updates on how my child is growing into a beautiful, intelligent, healthy, adorable young woman, and her parents are young, vibrant, energetic, caring and most of all loving. God loves us very much and he blessed your life and your child. Adoption is a gift received, not taken away.

Remember you are not alone.