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Adoptive Parent Testimonials

Adoption changed our lives and made our dream of becoming parents a reality, ACF made that possible! Our experience with ACF was fantastic.  Robert, Jackie and the team made us feel so comfortable and at ease from our very first phone call.  They explained the entire process in detail, took the time to answer our questions, and were always available to talk.  Like most adoption journeys, ours was full of ups and downs. Jackie became part of our support system and was often the person I would call when I just needed someone to listen who could understand what I was feeling.  It is evident that the team genuinely cares for all involved in the process; the birth mother, the adoptive parents and most importantly, the baby. We finally got to meet the team when our son was born. It felt like we were reuniting with old friends.  They shared in our joy and beamed over pictures of our sweet baby.  The day of Xavier's adoption finalization I think Robert was almost as excited as we were! We were also so impressed with how compassionate and supportive the team was and continues to be of Xavier's birth mother.  The really helped prepare us for speaking with her the first time and helped us navigate building a relationship with her.  We are so fortunate to have stayed connected with Xavier's birth mother and look forward to seeing her again in the future!

We hope to add to our family through adoption and cannot wait to work with ACF again. There are no words to thank them for all they did for our family.  I would recommend this agency to anyone!

Marcus & Missy

 ?Adoption is a Loving Choice  ?

img_6027ACF Adoptions (Advocates for Children and Families) is an excellent adoption agency that offers a strong combination of expertise and personal service throughout the adoption process. My husband and I worked with ACF Adoptions to adopt a baby girl in April 2016. From the very first phone meeting, the staff was very supportive and clear about what we could expect regarding the paperwork process, fees, and waiting times. Any questions we had were answered quickly and thoroughly. We worked closely with Executive Director Rob Lamarche, who was wonderful. He provided a strong personal connection to the adoption process, which made it easier to manage and understand. Before working with ACF, we adopted a baby boy through American Adoptions. While we were satisfied with the process and outcome, their levels of personal service and attention were nowhere near that of ACF. Once we signed on with ACF Adoptions, I knew that I could contact Rob at any time to check our status, ask questions, and gain moral support during the waiting period. Many other staff people were involved as well, and provided excellent information and guidance during the post-placement and finalization stages. We could not be happier with ACF Adoptions, and are truly grateful to them for helping us adopt our little girl.


rayleeThe adoption process is full of so many ups and downs but when you reach the end of the journey you realize just how rewarding it can be!  We were working with an agency out of Portland, Oregon and received a last minute opportunity to be considered for a Florida family through ACF Adoptions in August.  We are so glad that we took the chance to work with ACF Adoptions although they are about as far from the PNW as you can get.  Our baby girl was born on a Tuesday and we sent our profile book to be shown.  On that Friday I received a call from Robert at ACF Adoptions that we were matched and to make the journey to Miami to pick up our daughter.  That call was a life changer and one that I will never forget!  The next few days were a whirlwind but we received wonderful support and communication from ACF Adoptions guiding us through each step of the way.

familyOur ICPC process went abnormally quick and we were on our way home a week later.  We have since begun to develop a very positive relationship with our birth family that we hope lasts a lifetime.  There are no words to describe the amount of joy and gratefulness that we have felt since that call in August.  We continue to receive prompt communication and assistance from ACF Adoptions as we navigate the finalization process.  We look forward to adopting again in the future and we highly recommend ACF Adoptions! ~ Brian & Kim

1img_8113We entered adoption seeking to adopt a child from foster care under the age of our biological twin sons (then 8 and a half). Gender and/or ethnic background were not important.

We started the process with an agency in town, went through the required classes, completed the paperwork, got a home study done and I remember being so excited when everything was behind us and we were at the point where we were just waiting for a match. Over the days, weeks, months that followed, we must have submitted inquiries for information on hundreds of children that were available for adoption from all over the country. Then the social worker that was our contact at the agency left and a new one was assigned to us. The same thing happened again, and again, and again – a new person would contact us and tell us our contact is no longer with the agency and she will be working with us going forward – we had to work with 6 different people, none of which had children or planned to ever have children.

As the wait to receive information back and find a match continued to grow, the weeks turned into months, our disappointment and frustration grew as well. During all that time only one opportunity presented itself, though again, with much disappointment it did not work out. In retrospect I now see that the child that was meant for us was yet to be born.

2img_9329After a year and a half of working with the other agency, we decided that the process is not going anywhere so we started looking for a new one. We found ACF through a friend of a friend that adopted from them and was very complimentary of everyone that worked there. They gave us Rob’s contact information and I decided to reach out to him.

From the very first time we spoke, I could tell these were the people and this is the agency I have been looking for. Rob is an adoptive parent and I immediately felt that he understands and he cares. It was a totally different experience having a conversation with him compared to any 1 of the 6 different people at the prior agency.

Everyone at ACF treated us with kindness and care, they walked us step by step through the process and patiently answered questions.

Once the paperwork was completed, the wait for a match started. This is the hardest part but you have to be patient (even though it is easier said than done) and I promise you, everyone at ACF has your best interest at heart. We did have a failed adoption match (3 year old girl that was possibly placed for adoption) but it failed only because a family member stepped in to help take care of the child. No one could have predicted that. No matter how traumatic the experience was for us I still believe it may have been in the child’s best interest to stay with family. Things happen for a reason, that match was not meant to be. Fast forward and 10 months after our failed match, we got a precious baby boy.

The joy in our hearts is overwhelming. I don’t think there is any human way possible someone could have matched him so perfectly to our family. His personality and spirit are such a blessing to us. It’s like he’s always been here and part of our family. Our twins (now 11 and a half) absolutely adore him.

I was very nervous about meeting his birth mom, it was an emotional encounter but Rob and other members of the ACF team were there and made it easier. We are in direct contact his birth mom now, we send her updates and pictures and we will see her twice an year. I believe that this is a priceless gift for our son when he grows up. He has two half siblings that I would like him to meet but that is his birth Mom’s call and whatever she decides we will just respect her wish.

ACF continues to offer ongoing support. I know it sound cliché but they do feel like family. Words cannot express the love and joy they brought to us.

I strongly recommend ACF if you are looking to start, or add to your family. If you’re an expectant mom, they will help guide you as you place your child in the loving home of people whose dream is to become parents. Good luck on your journey.