If I place my baby for adoption in Florida, do I get to see him/her before I leave the hospital?

Yes! When you make an adoption plan in Florida, you can see your baby and have as much time as you want before going home. During your hospital stay, you get to decide if you want your baby to stay in your room or to stay in the nursery, or a combination of both.  Sometimes, with your permission, the adoptive family will be allowed to have a room in the hospital with the baby so they can start bonding while you rest. The main point is that you get to decide. You will want to make a plan with an adoption counselor from an adoption agency who will provide you with adoption counseling so you can make the best plan.

Some women (birth mothers) who made an adoption plan like to have the baby in the room with them for the entire hospital stay and have the adoptive parents visit from time to time.  Others welcome the adoptive family in the room with her and the baby for the entire (or majority of) time until discharge.  Many birth mothers like to see the adoptive family caring for and bonding with the baby because it assures them that the baby will be loved and well taken care of.  All of these options are part of an open adoption and will be discussed with your adoption counselor during adoption counseling.

You can also choose not to see, hold and/or feed the baby. This decision should be respected by the hospital staff. The baby will either remain in the nursery or in a private room with the adoptive family. However, if you initially plan to not see or hold the baby in the hospital but then decide you would like to spend time with the baby, you have the right to do so.

All of these options are discussed between you and your adoption counselor/caseworker while making your birth/hospital plan.  We usually do this about a month before your due date. Your birth/hospital plan is a plan – not a rule.  You will be in charge of how much time you want to spend with your baby and who has access to them while in the hospital.  ACF Adoptions, a private Florida Adoption agency, will help you understand your options whether you are pregnant and considering adoption or have already delivered your baby and are looking for a Florida adoption agency.

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