My name is Claudia

My name is Claudia.  In 2008 I was struggling and homeless.  I was staying in a shelter along with two of my four daughters in South Florida.   I felt so bad not being able to provide a home for my children and their father was not helping me.   Finding out I was pregnant again was so difficult.   Finding out the baby was a boy (the son I had always dreamed of) was exciting but also heartbreaking because I did not want to bring another child into the world when I could not provide.  I felt desperate.

One day I met a woman in the shelter who told me about ACF Adoptions and how they helped her find a family to love and take care of her child.   She said the people at the adoption agency treated her with respect.   I called the agency and immediately felt comfortable with the people I met.   I remember Stacey and Ginger and Nika – a beautiful group of women who helped me with my adoption plan.   I picked a family from Paris, France to raise my son.   I got to meet them because they traveled here to adopt him right after he was born!   They were so happy and I could see they fell in love with him right away. I know my son is loved and he has a great life because the family sends me pictures and letters so I know about his school, his friends and all the fun activities he is involved in.

Although adoption is not easy I am positive I made the right choice.  ACF Adoptions have always been there for me since the adoption if I had questions or needed some emotional support.  My son is now 13 years old and doing well.   He is happy, healthy and loved.