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ACF Adoptions hopes this email finds everyone doing well given how our worlds were turned upside down overnight due to COVID-19. Maintaining safety and health is most important. ACF Adoptions sprang into action as soon as we heard rumors of potential closures, as it is crucial for us to continue doing great adoption work and…

10 Things Every Birth Mother Wants Adoptive Parents to Know

You may be wondering what a birth mother is experiencing while making an adoption plan or going through the adoption process. We did some research and found a list created by Patricia Dischler, author, speaker, child care professional and birth mother. She wrote the following list titled, “10 Things Every Birth Mother Wants Adoptive Parents…

Can I place My Baby for Adoption after the baby is born?

Placing a baby for adoption is never an easy decision and sometimes women wait till the end of the pregnancy to make a final decision. Sometimes they call ACF Adoptions after the baby is born and that’s okay too.  This is often referred to as a “last minute case” and there is no specific good or bad…


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