ACF Plus


For the past decade ACF has developed our medically complex/special needs program and has found families for children with a variety of medical and special needs including:

Genetic Anomalies such as:
Down Syndrome, SMA, Turner
Syndrome and Prader Willi Syndrome

Structural Anomalies such as:
Heart Defects and Limb Differences

Traumatic Births resulting in:
Cerebral Palsy, other Neurological
Issues and brain bleeds

Micro-preemies and other conditions
that Impact Development and Fatal or Life-limiting Conditions.

The (+) reflects the extra care we recognize medically complex families need to help their children thrive. ACF+ is a nationwide program focused on finding safe, healthy and nurturing homes for children who are medically complex and/or have special needs.

ACF+ is always looking for loving families specifically looking to adopt children who are medically complex or who have extra needs.

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