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Dear ACF-team,

Our dream of becoming a family of 4 came true!! We enjoy being a happy family with 2 beautiful and great kids so much!! Each day we look at our children, we feel so overwhelmed with love..... We are so thankful that we can experience parenthood with these 2 sweet and lovely kids. And because of you, our dream came true! We cannot describe the feeling of infinite gratitude for your help, kindness and outstanding representation. We hope that you will continue to help families like ours and make them forever families!

Lots of love from the Netherlands.



Realmente fue una experiencia muy buena. Adoptar nunca hubiese sido tan facil y realmente fue un proceso muy grato todo esto gracias a toda la informacion ACF otorgada justo en el momento. Siempre estaban disponibles a contestar cualquier pregunta. Para mi familia a sindo un grato place poder contar con ACF en momentos en que unificar mi familia era lo mas importante. Gracias de todo corazon. Les quiere,

Alba & Jose

Dear ACF Gang!Ethan And His Big Sister, Naomi

Nick and I got our referral phone call two years ago tonight, at about 7:30 pm to be exact......telling us about baby Ethan who was just 5 days old at the time. It is a moment etched in my mind forever, as our lives changed and we became a family of 4 at that moment. You all matched us with him, as his birthmother did not want to choose and we'd been waiting 6 months to the day for a referral. It was a perfect match. We can't believe what a fantastic baby and now toddler he is. He just turned 2 last Sunday.

His big sister Naomi (who we adopted from Colombia 4 years earlier) flew down with us and we went to get him from Vicki and Bob's house. I'll never forget that drive from Ft Lauderdale, down through Miami just after rush hour.....pulling up in their driveway and seeing Ethan sleeping in the gorgeous little bassinet.

Little Baby EthanWe can't thank you enough for making this all possible for us. We are so in love with him and he and Naomi make a great, great pair! Many thanks for all that you do.


Tina, Nick & Naomi


Adopted Baby At PlayWhen we decided to pursue adoption as a means to expand our family, we were not sure how to begin the process or where to go for help. Friends of ours had adopted through Advocates for Children and Families and highly recommended them. Our first impression of Advocates was a good one. We called them and Yazmin was the first person we spoke with. We could not believe how friendly she was or how easily she answered all of our initial questions.

We also requested a list of references and she called us back with the names of three different people. We called all of them and they all spoke so highly of the agency. They had nothing but good things to say about their adoption experiences with Advocates so this really put our minds at ease.

We made an appointment to meet with Ginger Allen on January 17, 2005. We asked her to meet with us on that particular day because we were already going to be in the area for another appointment and we didn’t want to have to make the three-hour drive twice in one month. Although it was supposed to be her day off, Ginger agreed to meet with us. The entire staff was very welcoming. We sat down with Ginger and she spent about two hours explaining the adoption process to us. She very patiently answered all of our questions and addressed all of our concerns. We liked the fact that she was very straight forward and honest with us about the rewards and the risks of adoption. Being an adoptive parent herself, she could relate to how we were feeling at the time. We were pleasantly surprised to learn that the average wait time was only one year to eighteen months.

One of the required steps in the process was to write an autobiography about ourselves. We created a color brochure all about ourselves, our home, and our family. Jackie (Yakima) at ACF was such a big help in transferring our story online to the ACF website. She even featured our picture on their home page. Jackie was so skilled at all of the technical “stuff”. She gladly assisted us any time we needed to make a revision to the text, add a photo, or whatever was necessary.

Once we were finished with all of the paperwork, it was time for our home study. This can be a very nerve-wracking experience for prospective adoptive parents! However, our social worker, Stacey Levine, immediately put us at ease. She was so friendly and down to earth that she made us feel very comfortable talking to her about our dream of having a child. We invited her to stay for lunch and we wound up chatting for over two hours! She became a close friend throughout the waiting period. We always felt that she was pulling for us and trying her best to find the perfect child for us… and she did!

On January 24, 2006, Stacey called and said the words that we had been longing to hear. She said that a beautiful baby girl had been born. She told us that she was healthy and that all the nurses had fallen in love with her. She said we could come get her tomorrow! We were ecstatic!

The next morning we drove to Miami and Ginger met us at the hospital. We walked over to the nursery window, the nurse lifted the blinds, and we saw our daughter for the first time. She was absolutely the most beautiful thing we had ever seen. She was so awake and alert! We cried tears of happiness and Ginger shared in our joy. It was such an amazing experience. It was the greatest moment in our lives, second only to the moment they first placed our daughter in our arms. She actually smiled at us as if to let us know that she was happy we were going to be her parents and we were there to take her home. It was like a piece of the puzzle had been missing from our lives and suddenly everything came together and our family was complete. It was truly meant to be.

Adopted Baby Playing With Her ToysWe are very thankful to everyone at ACF for holding our hands throughout the entire process and for making our adoption experience such a positive one. We keep in close contact with them even today. They are thrilled to hear of our daughter’s progress and they love seeing pictures of her. We would definitely recommend Advocates to anyone contemplating adoption.

Shawn & Maria





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