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ACF has been a part of our lives for 16 years now. Our first adoption was through an attorney and the process was impersonal. Once we found ACF we had our adoption agency for life and it is a good thing we found them because we have been through 3 more adoptions and a guardianship since then. Laurie and Ginger and all of the staff have always been very friendly, understanding and responsive to our needs. We have always felt like we were a part of a larger family in our interactions and we realize they have complete respect for all parties in this most intimate process. Our children have a positive regard for adoption, even though each of them has a unique situation and birth parents they all have a common bond and ACF is part of that. When we adopted Violet our other 3 children were teens and were very involved in the process. I think it helped them to understand how we feel about them watching us go through the expecting and finally bringing home our baby girl and watching her grow into her own unique person. Through all of this I know any kind of question or support I need ACF will try to help me meet my families’ needs. We love you guys!

The Haaker Family

Consuelo welcomes her new son!

Dear ACF ladies:

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping us build our family. You have brought great joy and happiness to our lives. You all were wonderful and you all have our eternal gratitude.


Everyone at ACF is very friendly. They were so sweet and helped us find our youngest daughter, Fahra. We have a three year old daughter and thought adopting again was going to be difficult but they made it happen.

Gino and Myriam

Working with ACF to adopt our first child has been a pleasure beginning with our initial phone conversation. Yazmin spent twenty minutes explaining ACF's process and answering every question we had. We knew after that call that we had found the right group of women to work with. Ginger Allen, although a busy attorney, has been extremely accessible whenever we have called or stopped by the office unannounced.

Her experience, as well as Laurie Slavin's, has guided us through every step of fulfilling our dreams of being parents. Yakima, too, has been a great asset at the office as well as Nika, who always answers the phone and the door with a smile. I have recommended ACF to other families and will continue to do so. We also look forward to working with the team again next year when we adopt our second child.

Many, many thanks,

Larry and Lenette





I recently adopted my daughter Chloe through ACF. 

I would recommend using ACF to anyone who is trying to decide on an agency to use.  They were so helpful and always willing to answer my questions.  They guided me through each step of the process and made me feel like mine was the only adoption they were working on although I’m sure they were working on many more at the same time.  From my first meeting with Ginger and Stacey to the night I brought Chloe home, it was a warm and caring environment.  I truly feel that they have the best interests of birthmothers, the children and adoptive parents at heart.  I would use them again in a heartbeat and look forward to adding a brother or sister for Chloe in the not too distant future.  Thank you all, Paul



Javier and Clemencia’s New SonClemencia With Her New Son.A Happy Family! Javier And Clemencia With Their New Son Javier and Clemencia welcome their new son!

Javier and Clemencia welcome their new son!


Ginger Allen is “rock solid” and a great person to have on your team.  The paperwork for adoptions can be a harrowing experience and I am very glad that “Advocates for Children and Families” helped me!


It was a pleasure working with Advocates for Children and Families. The adoption process was both professional and personal. The staff truly cared about the baby (our baby Moses :), the birth parents and us! We could not have had a more positive experience. Thank You,

Terry and Judy


Big sister Clarisse welcomes her new sister! Clarisse’s New Baby Sister

Big sister Clarisse welcomes her new sister!

Marcia and her son Parrish Marcia and her son Parrish!

We would like to thank you again for facilitating Olivia's adoption. Words cannot express how much we have appreciated your efforts, and those of your entire staff at ACF. We were always treated kindly with an enormous amount of respect and empathy. It's unfortunate that so many adoptions are depicted in unfavorable conditions - ours is truly one that has had a happy beginning, middle and end! Throughout our struggles with infertility, we had so many questions without answers - the "what ifs" seemed to echo loudly. However, now our path to parenthood appears to be crystal clear with the one-word answer "OLIVIA". Thank you for helping make our journey come full circle! All our best... Victoria & Derek

Brian and Anna welcome their new son!
Brian and Anna welcome their new son!

Adopted little Girl – AjaIt's been quite a while since we've been in contact. You helped us adopt our daughter Aja a couple of years ago. I've attached a current photo. She'll be four years old in February and is just a joy and a blessing. Again, thank you for your help and I hope your holidays are grand!




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