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Location: Washington, DC

Occupation: US Government office of child labor

Children: none

Hobbies: I love hiking, skiing, swimming, tennis and yoga.

Hi. My name is Tina and thanks for looking at my profile. I'm excited to share a little part of myself with you. Thank you for considering sharing a most important part of yourself with me.


I hope you know the decision you are making shows you have a lot of courage. Both for giving life to your baby and for considering sharing that life with someone else. If you made a plan to place your child with me, I would teach your child that his or her birth mom was a courageous person who gave him/her the most amazing gift: life.

Here are some things about me.

I have a Master’s Degree and have a great job in the U.S. Government working in an office that combats child labor in poor countries. I've visited some really interesting places, but have seen the very sad reality of some children's lives. I hope in a small way we can change their lives for the better.

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Most of my days are spent in Washington, DC. My job has flexible working hours and has a great day care on-site.

2I live in a suburb of Washington, DC.

I share a beautiful home with my cat, Luna. She’s getting a little old, but is still very sweet.

There are lots of parks & playgrounds in the area. And our county is known for its great schools.

I am a close Metro ride to downtown DC.

So I am close to museums and history-- and cherry blossoms in the spring!

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I volunteer as a tutor with Kariah twice a month near my office in Washington. She's in third grade and always has a lot to say! In my free time, I love to swim, do yoga, hike, ski, and play tennis. I also like goofing around and doing silly things, like going to see cats play instruments—it was hysterical!

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I am single, but not alone. Here are some of the people who would love your child too.Here are my parents, Mary and Claude. My mom taught me to laugh at things & to love unconditionally. My dad taught me to work hard, and to be patient and kind. My parents only live about an hour and a half away, so I get to see them regularly.

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9My sister Carey & her husband Josh have 2 kids, Eli & Casey. They would love to have a new cousin. Being with my nephews has taught me the need for patience, a sense of humor, discipline, and love.  I have another sister, Rachel. She and her husband Mike are expecting soon, so your child would have another cousin almost the same age.

He or she would also have a great grandmother. She is 95 and lives in Nebraska. I try to go visit her once a year. He or she would also have lots of second cousins, like Claire & Annie. Annie is adopted too.

6I also have an incredible group of friends. One of my best friends from college lives nearby and I have lots of other friends from work and other parts of my life here in the area. They’re a great support network for me. I also love to hang out with their kids, and am getting good practice for being a mom.

I hope this gives you a sense of who I am and how I would raise a child. I hope it shows you the stable and loving environment he or she would grow up in.

I wish you peace and courage as you make this important decision.