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Raul and Maria


ProfileLocation: Florida

Children: none

Occupation: Raul: Marketing Manager & Maria: Academic Advisor

Hobbies: Traveling, biking and swimming

Dear Birthmother,

Thanks for your interest in reading our profile. First of all, we want to tell you that we know the decision you are making is not easy, however, we understand that you want the best for your baby. We admire your dedication in trying to find the best home possible for this baby.  We want you to know that our home is open to give him/her all our love and understanding, and we will always look for the best opportunities so this baby can develop to his/her fullest potential, and to grow into a good person.  As a couple we could not have children; we have gone through the sadness of not being able to conceive and have a family. By considering us as adoptive parents, you are not only giving your baby a wonderful home to grow up in, but you are also giving us great joy, in realizing our dream of building a home with children. Even though we do not know you yet, our daily prayers are with you. We ask God to guide you in this difficult and selfless decision.

We come from homes where love, understanding, and respect are key elements growing up. Our parents provided us with a listening ear, and taught us to value education, work hard, all while enjoying life along the way.  Furthermore, they have sought opportunities to give us the best tools to raise us as people of good, not only in search of our own satisfaction, but also attentive to others’ needs. We would like to provide those same values in our children, and we will put all our effort, faith, and commitment in doing this.

Raul and Maria with his family

About Raul, from Maria

Raul having fun with his brother in law

Raul having fun with his brother in law

Raul has an excellent sense of humor. He is always looking to encourage people who are around him, especially when they are feeling down or discouraged. He is a great listener. Raul has the gift of paying attention to the person speaking to him and empathizing with him/her. He feels motivated to help others and to seek harmony and welfare for people who are around him. Raul is the second of three siblings. Although his parents and two sisters do not live close to him, he communicates frequently with them and keeps up with what is happening to them. Raul loves to travel and experience new cultures, people and landscapes. He has done this since a very young age, and continues doing it, both, in his professional activities and in his leisure time. Raul earned a master’s degree in Business Administration in Europe and currently works as a marketing manager in a technology company. Raul loves playing team sports such as football, baseball, and basketball. Also, he enjoys a dip in the pool, playing tennis, and walking and biking with me.

Raul with Maria's family at a Thanksgiving dinner Raul with his sisters

Raul at work related activities

Raul at work related activities 2

 Raul enjoying a musical playRaul at his graduate business school
Raul playing soccer with his colleagues

About Maria, from Raul

Maria with her parents and oldest sister

Maria with her parents and oldest sister

Maria with Raul's family at a picnic

Maria with Raul's family at a picnic

Maria is a passionate and committed woman. Since her childhood, she has felt inclined to help people who are around her. Maria has been part of volunteer groups from an early age. She is a very active person and usually achieves the goals she has in mind. Maria has the gift of being organized and detailed oriented. She always wants to put a smile on the faces of those around her through her attitude of service and sense of humor. Like me, Maria is the second of three sisters. Her parents and sisters live in the same city, which allows them to meet all the time, enjoying and sharing family moments, including birthdays, holidays, and all kinds of special occasions. Maria has always been a good student, and she enjoys the university environment.  Thus, Maria earned her master's degree in Higher Education Administration and currently works advising university students to help them find the best major that will allow them to develop as professionals.  Maria enjoys the outdoors, she loves to walk and run, she also enjoys swimming at the beach, taking yoga classes, and simply watching romantic movies. Maria enjoys traveling with me in her leisure time as well.

Maria at work Maria and Raul with her family at her master's graduation ceremony Maria having fun outdoors 2

Maria at a Christmas reunion  Maria with her sisters at a Christmas family reunion  Maria is happy for the tickets to go up on the Eiffel Tower

Our WeddingABOUT US

We met in 2001 at a volunteers retreat, and since then, we have built our relationship
based on love, understanding, patience, and good humor.  In 2005 we decided to get married with the intention of starting a family in which we could give a child the love and upbringing we both have experienced in our lives. We have been guided to adoption as the best option to create and nurture a family. We want to continue to travel, but now with our adopted children, allowing them to meet new cultures and people, and to have an open mind about diversity that only the world can provide. We also want to give them faith values and we wish to give them the importance of a solid education. We are sure these values will help build their character so they become people with good principles, and people with a good, giving heart.

Our families 2  With our Friends from PittsburghHaving Fun with Our Frinds at a Tennis Tournament Christmas with our friends from PittsburghOur families  At our friends' wedding  Our Vacation In Spain

Our home Vacations at Disney

Our beautiful nieces and nephew

Our beautiful nieces and nephew

A trip togetherMom, we would like to assure you that we will do everything in our power to give your baby the best opportunities to develop and grow up surrounded by love, in a positive, healthy, and nurturing environment.
We hope to meet you soon and that you find in us an opportunity to give a wonderful life to your child. Thanks for reading our brief history and for learning a little more about us.

All our love and support,

Raul & Maria