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Dan and Eric


 New England

Children: none

Occupation: Eric: Corporate finance Dan: Works at a local bank

Dear Birthmother,

We appreciate your taking time to get to know us as possible adoptive parents. We know it takes a lot of strength to formulate an adoption plan and we hope you'll consider our home and us.

We think it's important to create an environment where a child can be safe, healthy and happy so that he or she can learn and grow into the best person he or she can be. We're very ready to welcome a baby into our home. Here's a little bit about us and the way we hope to raise your child.


Dan's mother and 2 older brothers and their families live in the Midwest where he was raised and his sister and her family live in the Southeast (less than a day's drive from Disney World!). Eric's older sister lives in Appalachia and his parents live in the Mid-Atlantic coast. It's an understatement to say that both of our immediate families are extremely supportive and excited about our adoption plans. Our parents are ready to start buying clothes for the baby already! He or she would have eight cousins on Dan's side and one on Eric's side. Despite being spread out geographically, both of our families are very close and we all visit each other many limes per year.

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We moved to New England in 2009 to be closer to Eric's job in corporate finance. Shortly after, Dan took a job at a local bank. We searched for a home where we could walk to the local commuter train and ended up in a neighborhood full of great people, many of whom we now count as friends. There is a nurse, a policeman, retirees, self-employed, homemakers and plenty of folks who work in finance (like us). We have an annual block party and the neighborhood kids like to pick apples from our tree every autumn. There are neighbor kids from newborn (adopted, actually) to college age. Everyone -especially those of us who walk dogs -knows everyone else in the neighborhood and we watch out for each other.

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9Both of us were full-time performers in the past. Eric studied opera in college before pursuing a career in musical theatre. Dan went to college for broadcast journalism but also turned to musical theatre as a profession. Even though we are each now in the finance industry, we are still performing: Eric sings in his professional church choir; and Dan performs improvisational comedy every weekend. Our home is filled with singing, music and laughter. We have many friends who are still performers and we often get to see them in shows. When we got married in 2011, as part of the reception, several of our friends performed in a cabaret-style show, which brought our guests to their feet. Not to be outdone, a video for the wedding of us singing a slightly altered version of Bruno Mars “Marry You.” It was shared so often by our friends and on social media, that we went slightly viral and currently have almost 15,000 views on You Tube.

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13-13Both of us try to stay healthy by being active and especially by eating well. It's difficult in today’s world to avoid foods that aren’t good for you, especially because those are usually the ones that are convenient and cheaper, but we make on effort to cook at home as much as possible and we also avoid fast food. We met at a gym in 2001 and fitness is important to us. We belong to a local gym and our dog Anya helps with exercise since we each walk her once per day (plus a dog walker on weekdays). Eric also ploys a lot of tennis. (He's dying to raise the next Serena Williams or Roger Federer!)



17As a same-sex, bi-faith couple, we believe strongly in respecting diversity and judging people on their character rather than their race, origins, beliefs or orientation. Our hometown has a rather infamous history of exclusivity, but since we moved here five years ago, we've been met with nothing but supportive and respectful people. A native resident once told us, 'The old guard is dying off and anyone under 70 in this town is likely to be pretty cool," and that's been our experience. Our town also has excellent public schools. Both Dan's Jewish, male Rabbi and 16Eric's African-American, female pastor presided over our wedding and charged us to build a home of love and respect. We know that children raised by same-sex parents sometimes face challenges, but we're prepared to raise your child in a home based in faith in God, respect for all of God's people and the confidence to stand tall in the face of adversity when needed. Plus, we celebrate Hanukkah AND Christmas! Who wouldn't want twice the presents?


Early on in our relationship, we learned that we travel very well together.

In the 13 years we've known each other we have traveled to 17 foreign countries and have flown or driven all over the United States.

We both speak French and believe in the importance of knowing more than one language.

We're very excited to show your child this beautiful planet we live on so his or her world view will extend far beyond the borders of our home town.

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xtra2We are both dog people. We had wanted a dog tor years, but decided to wait until we had a house big enough for a dog. When we moved into our home, we started looking at shelters and it took us 6 months to find Anya. She was a tray in Bowling Green, Kentucky who was brought up to coastal New England to be adopted. She is an Australian Cattle Dog mix, which means she is very smart and very loyal. She is great with kids and will chase a ball until she plops down on the ground from exhaustion.

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We have wanted a child for a long time, but waited until our careers and home were ready. They are, and we are. We hope to meet you soon.


Dan & Eric