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Beba and Manuel



Location: Miami, FL

Married: 15 years

Children: none

Education/Occupation: Manuel - Masters in business administration, Beba - Masters in business administration - both are working in the marketing field.

Dear Parent,

Thank you so much for taking into consideration our profile. We are grateful for this opportunity to introduce ourselves to you.

We cannot fully comprehend the hard decision you are making to choose adoption for your child, but we certainly admire your courage. We are honored that you are taking the time to get to know us and considering us as the family for your son or daughter.

We spent many unsuccessful years trying to grow our family. As we struggled in vain to conceive, we experience many emotions: hope, frustration, disbelief and heartbreak. We imagine that you too, have been through many different emotional stages and we appreciate your courage for making the decision to find a safe, loving home for your child. We want to assure you that we are capable of providing a future home.

About Beatriz

I was born in Caracas, Venezuela and I come from family of 5 children; I am the younger one of three sisters and two brothers.

Biking in the mountains

I was blessed to have a numerous family members and we never missed an opportunity to spent time together. I enjoyed the pleasure of those days, like cooking with my parents and all my aunts learning how to grow and maintain family’s traditions through Grandma Recipes. I now have 2 nephews and 4 nieces and we always make a great effort to pass on the good family values and traditions to them.


I always have had a great passion about dancing, sports and arts. Today, Manuel and I keep practicing this sport as part of our weekly workout routine. Also, thanks to Manuel, I got excited about mountain bike and outdoors.


A little of adventure

I studied for 14 years in the same catholic school, as well as my sisters, and later on my two nieces. My school years have a special meaning for me, not only for the moments I shared, but also for the wonderful education I received; religious and academic.


After my wonderful years in school, I went to college to get my architectural degree. Later, I decided to start my master’s degree in business administration with a major in marketing. Since then I have been working in the marketing field and now I am a self employee helping companies and people to improve their customer’s database, as well as their digital marketing and social networks.

My father passed away 19 years ago, my mother is still with us and I spent with intensity all the time I can be with her. She is very excited about having another grandchild in the family.

My beautiful Mother

About Manuel

I was born in Valencia, Venezuela and I come from a family of 4 children, and I am the third of two brothers and two sisters. I spent most of my childhood at school studying and practicing soccer, my favorite sport.


I spent 12 years of my childhood in a catholic school led by Spanish catholic priests. Besides the fantastic education I got there, spiritual and academic, they had a great passion for soccer that was transmitted to all students. I was one of the students that fell in love with this wonderful sport.

I always love to practice sports, soccer, cycling, basketball, racquetball and golf among others. Workout is part of my life and of my daily routine. I can’t wait to bring a child to the family and take him/her to all-important events in the city.

After I graduated from high school I went to begin my engineering career.  Five years later I graduated from college and later on I went to get a Master’s degree in business administration. I am thankful I made that decision because that was when I came across Beatriz again. After my master’s graduation I began working in the Hi-Tech business as a sales and marketing manager. Currently I work as a brand and marketing consultant.

In my spare time, I like to work out and go swimming. Also, my preferred hobby is photography; I spend a lot of time taking the opportunity to make photos of people, events, family and landscapes.

Me in a photography trip to El Orinoco River

My parents are alive and well, fortunately. They are very anxious and wishing us well for the outcome of our endeavor to add a new member of our wonderful family.  We always look forward to spend time together. My parents are already retired and enjoying the results of raising a very united family.

Our lives together

We lived in Caracas until 2006, during that year we moved to Bogota, Colombia due to a job transfer. After 15 months we went back to Venezuela and then we finally arrived to Miami two years ago

One of the pleasant memories of our childhood are the road trips we used to take with our families to explore the natural gems and breath-taking scenarios in our country. And, we plan to maintain this exploration spirit in our lives when our new child comes to our family, we will travel and discover wonderful places for unforgettable memories together.

Kayaking in Thailand


Photography trip to the Orinoco Delta

We love to have a lot of fun together, whether is a quite night at home, an evening at the movies or a short trip. Fortunately, we have a lot of things in common and we share the same passion for sports, photography, travel, arts and movies.

Every time a film festival or book fair comes to town, we always make the effort to nourish our intellect and be part of these unique events.22

Another activity we enjoy tremendously doing together is cooking.

We love to cook for our friends, family or even for a quiet soiree together.


Where do we live?

We live in the downtown area on Miami, just beside Biscayne Bay. It’s a cool area with parks, entertainment and close to the water. We love to walk along the parks and spent time trying to seize manatees and dolphins; so far we have been lucky to see them.


A day at the Marlins ballpark

The area is awesome for kids; it has parks and endless entertainment for them. We are in the center of the major events in the city, so we will have the opportunity to experiment with our new child all the different cultural events we have all year round.

One of the things we love about Miami is its tropical weather and the proximity to a wide variety of beautiful beaches. However, the thing we love the most about this city is its unique multi-cultural environment. It has a great concentration of nationalities from all over the world that has enrich its culture, food, arts and environment.

Our Apartment

We have put a lot of color in our apartment; we love to have the good energy a colorful place brings to us. We also keep some of our traditional furniture as a small place of our country

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33Our new hairstyle

We passionately believe we are meant to raise children, and we are strong, and determined to adopt. We are sensible, down-to-earth people offering a secure, stable, loving and warm home. We also have very supportive families and friends who have given us their complete support of our decision to adopt.

Thank you so much for looking at our profile and considering us as the family for your child. We are very grateful for this amazing opportunity. We hope or profile gives you and idea of who we are.

Beba & Manuel