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Why Should Prospective Adoptive Parents Choose Domestic Adoption?

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ACF Domestic Adoption Program

Through birth parent choice ACF child adoption services, places newborn or very young children throughout the United States and internationally into the loving homes of the adoptive parents.

The wait time for placement through ACF is estimated at 6 - 18 months from approved home study.

ACF's policies and screening practices are inclusive. There are few set requirements regarding age, marital, or financial status for the prospective adoptive parents. Each of our adoptive parent families is considered on an individual basis.


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Adoption Links - Books, Videos, Grants, Loans, Tax Credit, Support Groups

Those wanting to become adoptive parents should download the ACF Adoption Application Packet today!

Packet Contents:

Why Should The Prospective Adoptive Parents Choose Domestic Adoption?

  • Adoptive parents have the opportunity to participate in the birth of the child.
  • Adoptive parents come into the child's life at a very young age, often newborn.
  • Birth parents have access to good prenatal care and adoptive parents and adoptees have access to prenatal and postnatal medical records
  • All of the adoptive parents have access to detailed birth and delivery information, as well as medical and social background history and information about each other.
  • Adoptive parents can meet birth parents and preserve photos of them for the child.
  • Open adoptions are possible and more convenient when international barriers are not involved.
  • The adopted child may have fewer transcultural or transracial issues, and feel less of a "transplant” in the home of the adoptive parents.
  • There is no need for out of country travel and unanticipated extra expenses. The cost of domestic adoptions is easier to predict and control.
  • Adoptive parents need not incorporate the child's country of origin into their lives, with all of the accompanying lifelong obligations that are important to the child.
  • The adoptee's opportunity to initiate and maintain contact with biological relatives is greatly enhanced while living with their domestic adoptive parents.
  • The legal aspects of the adoption are easier to understand, and are accomplished in English in American courts of law. Foreign government bureaucracies, as well as American immigration rules, can be unpredictable and difficult for the prospective adoptive parents.


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